The programs of the Abraham Thomas Foundation impact people and organizations all over the world. Current programs of the Abraham Thomas Foundation are providing support to Sunipix and The Latest Science.

The Latest Science provides information on the latest cutting edge papers published in scientific journals that has a significant impact on science. Knowledge gained through reading the latest advances in science is used for the development of new technologies, innovation of existing products, so as to make our planet a better place to live for the present and future generations. The Latest Science is read by people interested in science and technology.


Sunipix is a picture library for students, teachers, architects, website designers, advertising and marketing executives, civil engineers, business executives, travel agents, government agencies, and media/Information technology professionals. Sunipix provides royalty free photographs free of charge for personal and business needs. Sunipix has one of the largest collections of paintings in its portfolio. Sunipix images are used in the classroom as well as boardroom presentations. Sunipix images are popular all over the world.


Goals of the Foundation

The goal of Abraham Thomas Foundation includes:

  1. Improving educational infrastructure.
  2. Create opportunity for businesses.
  3. Motivate and engage students, researchers and policy makers.
  4. Spearhead medical and scientific research.