Abraham Thomas Foundation was established in May 2, 1996 by Dr. Sunil Abraham Thomas. When Dr. Thomas got his first paid job in 1996 (in the form of a research fellowship) one of the requisites of the parents of Dr. Thomas was to use part of the salary (however small the amount) for the betterment of humanity. Dr. Thomas set up the Abraham Thomas Foundation and used the proceeds of the Foundation for helping students in need.

The development and popularity of the internet in the late twentieth century changed the way people learn and interact. Dr. Thomas understood that students, researchers, and start-up entrepreneurs need help in their science and art projects. The Latest Science was initiated to help researchers and medical professionals keep up with the latest scientific information in any area of science. Sunipix was started to help people in their education, business, and school and office presentations.

Organizational Impact

The programs of the Abraham Thomas Foundation impact people and organizations all over the world. Current programs of the Abraham Thomas Foundation are providing support to Sunipix and The Latest Science.

Sunipix images can be used freely and are used by communication and media companies, publishing houses, government agencies, engineers, website developers, teachers, and students for learning and in their projects. The images are also popular among office executives who use Sunipix images for presentations. 

The Latest Science impacts researchers, policy makers, teachers and students interested in science. The Latest Science publishes the latest articles in every major scientific discipline that has impacted science. The site is updated every week, providing the advanced information in science, technology, and management. The Latest Science impacts industries by providing innovative ideas and latest information on different areas of science.